Gateway Conveyor

    60 Ton Conveyor system fabricated for Anglo American – All steelwork was galvanised and guards powder coated.

    The challenge CEC faced with this project was that the client needed the equipment in 5 weeks versus a standard fabrication time of 8 weeks.

    CEC managed to achieve the requested delivery by working extended hours, double shifts and managing bottlenecks by careful allocation of resources .

    Items were delivered ahead of schedule at the required quality and our client called it “A small miracle”.

    Zibulo Project

    Zibulo SBS System

    CEC was again at the forefront when it came to first of a kind fabrication of new technology designed systems.

    Our clients design was based around Anglo American’s specific requirements. Taking into consideration the life cycle of the system at design stage, and integration of the system in the production process in such a way to ensure asset maximisation.

    This standby belt storage and replacement system was fabricated by CEC Engineering. This system is used to store a complete replacement belt for an inclined shaft conveyor. It will feed a new belt onto the conveyor and the old belt off the conveyor during replacement.

     This system ensures down time during the replacement of a belt is decreased from 7 days to 2 days.

    The full system included the turntable, turnover area, belt reeling area, splice station and crawl system.

    Numerous items had to be machined, and our in-house machining capability meant we had TOTAL control over quality and delivery at all times. 90% of the system where galvanised and the remaining 10% powder coated.

    The full system was trail assembled in two workshops as the overall length exceeded 100m

    Medium Engineering

    Heavy In-shop Engineering

    Dragline Chains

    Medium Engineering